Monday, 26 March 2012

Sun 25th March

A celebration day for our hosts as their youngest daughter’s school had an open day.  It is a boarding school for children as young as three!!!!  There are as many as 100 children in one dormitory and they have to get up at 5am! Families came to the school with food and shared it with their children and others whose parents hadn’t come.  Maria Gloria came home and we had a feast for lunch of chapaties, pork, rice and curried soup.  The chapaties were made in the morning by a local man and it was amazing to watch him.  Having done it for many years he made them with such ease and rhythm.  He is going to give us a lesson sometime.


  1. AMAZING to hear all of this. So great that you two are blogging. Reckon you will have so many skills and ideas and inspirations to share when you get home.
    Looking forward to hearing more...
    xx victoria

  2. Right, that was me, emma. Just checking it worked. Sounds such a mixture of celebration and heartbreaking things. I am looking forward to chapaties when you get back.