Thursday, 30 August 2012

Community garden, container pub, house box and street piano in Lyttleton

Monday, 27 August 2012

One week in Lyttleton and many different experiences. It has the wonderful contrast of mountain and water, the light quality at sunset is remarkable. Formed by a volcano it has amazing contours against the skyline. What gradually becomes more and more clear to someone who has not visited before is the devastation caused by the earthquake. But there are plenty of community initiatives to support the area and people. We went to the Community Garden and shared lunch with people of all ages, the Farmers Market was busy, full of local produce, tasty pies, freshly ground coffee and music on the varanda, music by local musicians was sold out on two nights. We have been impressed by the friendliness and easy atmosphere. Have a look at Lyttleton Timebank! On Saturday we went along Italian Job style roads with stunning views and drops to Banks Peninsula and Little Pigeon Bay. There nestled on the shore was a little Bach with wooden varandah and roaring wood fires, we sat by the fire outside and listened to the waves lapping! Next adventure is hiring a Juicy campervan and exploring South Island towards Picton and part of North Island on the way to visit an old college friend not seen for 40 years. The Juicy vans are bright green and purple so she should see us coming! Photos will be posted soon when I work out how to download them!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

We are now in Lyttleton, New Zealand, looking out over the harbour, a wonderful peaceful spot to be and wonderful to be with Lottie, Tim and Olive. First day and sampled local beer and local music in the innovative "container pub" opene after the earthquake. Would love to bring friend and family here to share. Em they have not only container buildings but house boxes! Will post photos in the next few days.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

On The Way

Over 20 hours flying, 5 hours on the boat in scorching sun (really should know about sun screen at our age!) and we arrive on Coral View. The food was delicious, local welcome superb, and the beaches justa a short boat ride from the island gorgeous with warm aquamarine sea. We slept, ate, read, swam, slept, read, ate and swam and ate and slept oh and drank, including Kava, not the bubbly sort but a local hallucinatory brew! Interesting dreams ensued! So now back in Nadi, eating and drinking, ready to sleep and off to NZ tomorrow! Excited!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In sunny Todmorden working on the boat! The best place to be in some of the torrential rain! Planned itinerary. Aug 12th to Fiji for a few nights, 19th New Zealand for 2 months. Oct 20th Perth then overland to Darwin, Dec 4th Thailand with 3 months to travel overland and explore! Any ideas, places to visit, stay! Retreats? Transport? Must see, must not see? Love to hear