Tuesday, 24 April 2012

24th April

It was time to leave Masaka! We had so many intense experiences, the children were home from school so no more visits to the orphanage, fewer visits to the farm and the oven was finished!
There it stands a Muzungu curiosity, some thought it might be a shrine and until the inner layer of sand came out most thought it a very very strange oven with a solid middle but smiled benignly as we puddled clay and kept adding layers.
But finished and decorated it is ready to go, the rains allowed it to dry slowly so very few cracks. We left leaving careful instructions a few recipes and a prayer!
The last night we made pancakes and were then entertained by truly spectacular dancing, drumming and singing and really very kind words of thanks for all we had done. Sad to leave but timely!
So now we are living in luxury in Backpackers, Kampala! Hot water and a bath, wow! A few days to relax, read, check the local brews and explore just a little. Walking into the city centre today was as busy as anyone could wish. A dust bowl of heaving humanity scratching a living out of very little, wrapped in pollution from the Boda Boda and taxi fumes competing to keep the city moving in ever decreasing circles.
We are so aware of how lucky we are.

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