Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back to Matooke

The staple food literally called “food” here is Matooke. It is plantain cooked in a little water, covered with banana leaves to keep the moisture in and accompanied with either pounded ground nuts or a mix of tomatoes, onions and carrots. At times delicious and at times just that bit too much landing with a thwack in our stomachs!

So what can we tell you?
We have experienced Catholicism in Uganda, full of splendor, so many people, almost to overflowing but as white visitors we were relegated to the plastic chairs at the back. The service was in Ugandan, the singing beautiful.
There is another Helpx visitor here, Hector from Argentina, he is great and has added a new dimension of humour to the house. Full of ambiguity!
The first day back we went to pick the first coffee harvest, all those beans that were starting to ripen in the sun as the rain season is late to start. It was hard work with the baskets strapped to our waists with banana leaves and after shedding personal kilos of sweat we had picked approximately one fifth of the weight picked by Paskazia and Josephine. No new employment here then! Got the pictures to put on our CVs though!
The other major activity has been the ongoing construction of a clay oven (our present to Paskazia and Gonzaga.) It is at the sand dome stage and you can tell from the passing glances and smiles we are now definitely certified as crazy Muzungos. Materials are shall we say interesting! The clay is dug from the local swamp and is a doubtful mix of clay, sand, silt and possibly swamp creatures so we are hoping to get some more pure bags for the next stage. Richard has been rightly decreed technical exert and I love playing with mud so all are happy.
So once again tunalabagana and siiba bulungi.

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