Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In sunny Todmorden working on the boat! The best place to be in some of the torrential rain! Planned itinerary. Aug 12th to Fiji for a few nights, 19th New Zealand for 2 months. Oct 20th Perth then overland to Darwin, Dec 4th Thailand with 3 months to travel overland and explore! Any ideas, places to visit, stay! Retreats? Transport? Must see, must not see? Love to hear


  1. Are you there yet? We have been calculating how long you've been in the air and when you are going to land. Can't wait to hear what Fiji is like. lots of love and happy travelling! xx

  2. Welcome to Fiji! Can't believe you are there. From Tod to Fiji! Hope you found the special flying socks! Loads of love.