Monday, 27 August 2012


  1. sounds as though you are having a wonderful time. I have seen the photo's sent on Richards facebook, Olive looks beautiful! Bet she's glad to see you both. pouring down here so make the most of the sun!Was the picture in the sea taken in Fiji or NZ? the weather must have improved since I spoke to you last if it was taken in NZ! No news from here really, got Dave and Deb here on Sunday, hoping to BBQ, then meeting Joe and co at the caravan at the end of September Got tickets for the Olympic park for next Tuesday and hoping to go to the victory parade on the 10th, weather permitting! Great to keep in touch, enjoy your campervan trip! Will look forward to hearing all about it. xxx

  2. the photo loook amazing. So beautiful. And i love the innovitive-ness of the container pub and house box.
    Missing you but really exciting that you are out there too.
    Thanks for the photos!

  3. Thanks for the pics and the news Mags, great to hear from you. We've been to the Olympic Park today, had a really great day, it's amazing what they've done and how happy and friendly everyone is! Hoping to get to the Victory Parade on Monday. It will be sad when it's all over. Looking forward to hearing more from you very soon.
    Who is ravendotspaven?